Monday, July 2, 2012

Homemade Fake Barbecue Sauce

I was rather happy with this creation. We made pulled pork this weekend which turned out great thanks to an awesome recipe! (see this post for the link with recipe)  The first night I was just relieved that one of the recipes finally turned out. I ate it with agave ketchup and hot sauce and was just so damn happy that I didn't have another bunch of perfectly inedible food. It was not a good week for cooking as the updates (see this sad meal planning post) explain.


The second night of our pulled pork I was feeling adventurous. I thought of my friend, Cari, who is wonderful and has a lot of food allergies. I turned to her for support after my diagnosis (she totally understood why I never wanted to go back to Whole Foods after my first real shopping trip there. who else knows what I'm talking about here?). And to paraphrase her wise words, "you just have to experiment." I watch her cook and see her throw things together that turn out delicious and then I eat them with envy (okay maybe not envy, I'm a little dramatic tonight). Tonight I took a page out of her book!

My Homemade Fake Barbecue Sauce Experiment
1 part hot sauce
3 parts agave ketchup
1 part dijon mustard (check your bottle! Meijer's organic dijon has no sugar)
medium sprinkle of onion powder
medium sprinkle of garlic powder
Pour over your pulled pork, close your eyes and have a food orgy in your mouth because this sure tastes like real barbecue sauce and you never realized how much you love barbecue sauce until this moment. 

Truthfully, I don't really love barbecue sauce this much, but I did in this moment because it tasted like "normal" food. And I loved that after 3 failed recipes in 5 days I whipped up something that made our pork super delicious and made me feel super fabulous for having done it.

It's the little things, you know?

Happy BBQ season!!

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