Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lessons Learned

I can't eat bananas. Though they're a staple ingredient in many GF breakfast cookies and smoothies, bananas are no longer on my good food list.

I started having new symptoms and decided to try eliminating foods I had recently started eating more often... at the top of that list was bananas and next was oats. (I haven't tried eating oats again but I'm hoping they're still on the good food list.)

One day without bananas and my symptoms improved 50%. Three days without bananas and I'm doing 90% better. I was reading online last night and came across this article which explains that the amylose in the bananas was probably causing my symptoms.

I'm learning how to read my body better this week. I am starting to be able to tell if I haven't had enough water to drink because I'll get a headache if I'm dehydrated. I'll wake up in the morning and feel hung over or bloated and realize it's because of something I ate (like tortilla chips or bananas). I notice how much more energy I have and how much less stressed I feel when I eat snacks throughout the day instead of skipping them. All of these things add up to me feeling better each day. And that's a gift I'm happy to be receiving.

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