Monday, June 25, 2012

Meal Planning 6.18

This is the meal plan from last week. Here you go... and this time with updates!

For Dinner This Week
MondayTequila Lime Grilled Shrimp. We don't have a grill and as it turns out theTequila was too bitter for us. This one flopped but we'll try again with the lime, some raw honey and the broiler.
UPDATE: We really didn't like this one and won't make it again. We've found some other shrimp recipes (see the next meal planning entry) that look so much yummier!

TuesdayCilantro Thai Chicken
UPDATE: We loved it! Hubby wasn't sure about the combination of ingredients for the marinade when making it, but when it came to eating it, it's even picky eater approved! We used GF soy sauce. 

WednesdayChicken Parmigiana with almond meal for the breading. No cheese. GF noodles. And just for me - side salad and steamed asparagus.
UPDATE: I added chia seeds to the spaghetti sauce for some extra good food for my hubby. We both really liked this one.

Thursday: Homemade Tacos with homemade seasoning. And just for me - lettuce wraps and avocado with tomato (I like this simplified version of guacamole much better than adding onion, lime, salt, etc)
UPDATE: Always a hit! I use corn tortilla chips in my taco salad.

Friday: Gluten Free Pizza if I can find the replacements for the cornflour (millet) and cornstarch (arrowroot). Need to go to the (dreaded) health food store. We might be going out for a birthday dinner to Outback (ready to try out their GF/allergy menu!) this night so I may be saved from this extra grocery trip.
UPDATE: I couldn't find the millet and arrowroot in time for this recipe. As it turns out we went to Outback for dinner with family. The server was awesome and checked with the cook to see if their spice rub had sugar in it. They weren't sure, so my steak wasn't "original" but "wood fire" and had seasonings they mixed by hand. Salad was tossed in its own bowl and they served it with oil and vinegar. Super impressed with how easy they made dining out!

SaturdayHoney Lime Chicken Skewers
UPDATE: So, so good. We always use raw honey. Cooked in our NuWave. 

Sunday: Hamburgers with homemade seasoning. And just for me - lettuce wraps with avocado slices and hopefully ketchup I can eat (haven't found this yet).
UPDATE: Lettuce wraps are so messy, but worth it. After a massive grocery trip, I found ketchup with agave syrup in it. I had been missing ketchup on my burger! 

For Lunch This Week
Layered enchilada chicken with homemade enchilada sauce. Prepared black beans, cooked chicken, cilantro, enchilada sauce, Brown Rice Tortilla, repeat. Bake 375 for 30-40 minutes. Dish into small mason jars and stick in the fridge.
UPDATE: Continues to be delicious. Leftovers went into the freezer and were a great quick lunch after grocery shopping.

Avocado Chicken Salad. Even without the lime juice and absolutely no mayo, this is awesome! Made this for dinner after the planned meal fell flat. Rolled leftovers in cling wrap to help prevent browning. We'll see how this turns out by morning.
UPDATE: Sadly, this didn't survive. Brown chicken salad is gross. Definitely needs to be made fresh and when it is, it's great!

Snacks This Week
No Bake Energy Bites still a favorite. Adding chia seeds in addition to flaxseed now. Want to try this recipe too.
UDPATE: Yummy!

Dark chocolate with organic peanut butter.


Romaine salad with green onion, homegrown carrots and dressing that's safe (will look up link in future).

Made this tea but the jury is still out. Didn't have fresh ginger on hand so am going to try again with fresh ginger. Drinkable but not sure this is the right blend for my taste.

Also LOVE LOVE this dessert! Fake Ice Cream! It's all bananas and whatever you add. Tablespoon of cocoa is my favorite so far. Leave the chopped up bananas in the freezer overnight and you get the best consistency when blending/processing. Quick and easy and not nearly as expensive as Larry & Luna's ice cream. Also has NO coconut unless you add it and having a coconut free option is nice too.

Breakfast This Week
Oatmeal with fruit (blueberries, raspberries or strawberries), chia seeds and almond slices.

Smoothie (had the Alkaline Green Smoothie this morning. Going to try a few of these this week too.)
UPDATE: I didn't try any other smoothies this week. Smoothies make a lot of dishes for me to clean with the food processor getting dirty each time and I did make the banana ice cream several times which I also use the food processor for. Dishes, dishes, dishes.

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