Saturday, September 8, 2012

The cheese

I'm originally from Wisconsin and grew up with a (not so) healthy love of cheese. I've been eating cheese in small amounts since May (everything in moderation!) I found a great pre-made pizza crust by Udi's and like to top it with Meijer Naturals spaghetti sauce or homemade pizza sauce, some mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. I've occasionally added it to some of the enchilada casseroles and other things.

Last week, my spouse went into the hospital for major surgery. I got ready for the several day in-patient stay by packing a cooler and some clothes. I grabbed some lunch meat and chopped up a block of cheese and other things for some quick and easy snacks/meals so I wouldn't have to worry about the hospital cafeteria. This was great in theory...

Then, the hospital didn't follow physician orders for my hubby's post surgery care and there were several complications. The added stress on everyone plus the changes in my eating habits were fairly catastrophic. The cheese ... the cheese is gone and off the grocery list.

The stress load itself was nothing I could have imagined. We're finally home after 6 days (supposed to be 2) in the hospital. I can tell he's feeling better now when I see cute love notes on the fridge and feel him sneaking in cuddling moments even though he's still in a lot of pain and chock-full of pain medications. So now we have a lot of cheesy moments and not a lot of real cheese. But there is a lot of wine, dark chocolate and other indulgences for me. And naps for both of us.

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