Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Doctor

I moved to Michigan about two years ago and learned quickly that you have to be very selective when you're looking for a doctor here. Any kind of doctor. I'm not saying you don't usually have to be selective, but after living in two different states it's safe to say that in this state I had particular trouble finding knowledgeable doctors.

Right now we seem to be on a roll finding doctors that you can trust. This week I saw a chiropractor for the first time in 15 years. The last time I saw a chiropractor I had a misdiagnosed tumor on my spine and was in so much pain which I unfairly associated with the chiropractor.

So, I was a little skeptical going into the clinic. I wanted to find a clinic that could help with some of the aches and pains I have and also help with nutrition counseling. I wanted to find a clinic that would focus more on homeopathic treatments and less on pharmaceutical ones.

After my consultation I was still a little (a LOT) skeptical. I was most concerned that I'd go in for adjustments that would turn out badly and then I'd have one more problem to deal with.

But after some much needed reassurance from family who regularly see chiropractors, I went back a day later and had my first adjustment. Which was so much less intense than I had thought it would be. And was so much more amazing than I imagined it could be. I have some pretty intense pain and tension in my jaw/neck and pain in my lower back with tingling/burning in my feet. Five of my vertebrae are also fused (because of the tumor) so all this together means my back is really messed up right now.

I left the appointment feeling like a literal weight had come off my shoulders.

My entire body felt better and different. The next day and I experienced moments where I felt content. I wasn't worried about the bajillion things that I usually stress out over. I could sit with my hubby and just enjoy being with him. I really didn't expect to have an emotional response to the adjustment. I thought maybe I'd feel less pain or tension, but never expected this. I've actually relaxed this weekend.

Tomorrow I go back for another adjustment and then zip over to the other clinic in the practice to be assessed for food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies. It's nice to have doctors appointments that I am actually looking forward to!

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