Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

My new favorite indulgence is this 2 minute microwave chocolate cake. I meant to take a picture but I forgot...

it was delicious! :)

I found the recipe on pinterest (oh the many hours I have lost on that website!) and have made it twice already today. This recipe from Delighted Momma turned out so well. Be sure to scramble the egg up first and then add the other ingredients, otherwise you'll end up with "eggful" bites which aren't very chocolatey or super delicious.

[EDIT: My husband has asthma and an allergy to peanuts. For some reason, making this recipe bothered him just like it does when I bake something with peanuts in it so I tried a few substitutions tonight. It still got to him, but just at the last moment which is progress. I liked the changes in the recipe so wanted to share (though I admit everything tastes better with wine so if you don't like it, we'll blame that on the wine). 

Recipe substitutions:
Substitute almond meal with a couple shakes of sweet rice flour (I didn't measure, sorry, but it looked close to the same amount. This recipe is forgiving.)
Substitute honey for agave syrup and enjoy!

Next time I am going to try to omit the cinnamon and add a little more agave syrup. ]

This weekend I also learned a trick about aluminum foil in the dryer (from budget savvy diva). It is supposed to get rid of static cling. I was very skeptical, but it actually worked! I checked the dryer part way through the cycle to make sure that the foil wasn't too hot against the clothes. It was only as warm as the clothes were and when I took everything out of the dryer not a single thing clung. There were even less wrinkles than usual. One ball of aluminum foil is supposed to last six months which is amazing

Other than that it was a frustrating weekend. I'm tired of needing to be supportive and of needing to be patient. I'm ready for our lives to feel like they've actually started. It feels like we've been waiting and waiting. Waiting for the injuries to heal, the pain to subside, blah blah blah. I want to curl up in my hubby's arms and be able to just be there. I want to run away for the weekend and not need to plan out medications and logistics. I want to be...spontaneous. Some day, right? 

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