Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Ramblings - DIY!

I've been diving into easy projects at home this weekend. We have curtains in the bedroom, new dishes to put jewelry in at the sink, and finally some color on the walls. All for $40 - which I am loving!

How is this possible? With a little creativity and repurposing.

$8 Curtains

from this...
to this!
I'll start this out by saying that I don't usually shop at Wal-Mart. My trip there today reminded me why. Not only are their staff members underpaid, etc, they are completely understaffed too which I think just adds insult to injury. I was impressed by one associate I overheard tell a customer "just call back and ask for me. if they tell you I'm on break, tell them to call me anyway and I'll be waiting by the phone so we can get this straightened out for you." In a moment when the phone was ringing for 10 minutes straight and multiple pages were going off for help in different departments, the associate was really being phenomenal for this customer. The guy in the parts department ended up being the one to cut fabric for me (for a different project). Really the whole thing was a mess but the associates were great which made me all the more saddened by the situation.

However, it was really cheap. Which is why I have $8 curtains.

What you'll need:

  1. Twin flat sheet ($5)
  2. Curtain rod ($3)
  3. seam ripper (I already had this)
Once you get home, throw the sheet in the washer and dryer. Use this time to hang your curtain rod. Next, take the freshly laundered flat sheet out of the dryer and grab your seam ripper. Find the top part of the sheet, where there is a 3 inch border on one side (this is the side that you usually fold down when you are making the bed.) This border will become the top of your curtain. Remove most of the stitching from the end so that the border becomes a sleeve for your curtain rod. You'll remove about 12-15 stitches. Work your curtain rod through the sleeve you just opened up. Hang your new curtain. Tie it in the middle to create an hourglass shape or to the side with a ribbon or fabric scrap.

On our 40" wide windows we only used one twin flat sheet, though you could use two or you could use a larger flat sheet. It all depends on the style you want.

Tomorrow I'll share the other weekend projects!

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