Saturday, November 10, 2012

"You're actually worse than you look"

I am sick. The gross kind of sick where I look like crap, cough things up and fill up waste baskets full of tissues daily. I went to the doctor the second day I was sick and after some blood work, the doctor said "you're actually worse than you look" and gave me antibiotics.

It's been six months since my diagnosis of PCOS. This is the first time I've been really sick since then and it's actually weird that I can still think and function. Used to be I would get a cold and my head would be so fuzzy I could barely get through the day. Now, I feel miserable to be sure, but my mind is clear and I can't give credit to anything else but the PCOS symptoms starting to subside.

I'm down 20 pounds. Add another 15lb to that and I'll be ready to start maintaining my weight. It's such a great feeling to know that things are getting better. And still so frustrating to know that my PCOS changes everything. I'm puffier today because my cough syrup has sugar and/or corn syrup in it. I had to pitch my pumpkin spice and vanilla candles because smelling them can increase my insulin levels. Soon it will be the first holiday season since my PCOS was diagnosed. I've decided to get proactive. I am on the lookout for a great main dish and dessert recipe I can make and bring to the holiday get-togethers so I can eat without getting sick or puffy.

But not this weekend. This weekend I'm filling up on soup and a little GF toast.

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